Meeting an escort is an exciting experience, and hardly anyone would forget the time and date for the session. But in case one does forget about the date or not able to make it due to emergencies, there is a process that they should be following. Escort services take place professionally, and when a meeting is scheduled, the escort will be expecting the client. Not able to show up is one thing, but not informing the escort about the change of plan is a different headache for escorts. They will not know whether to wait for the client or not. Keeping someone waiting and then not showing up will leave a bad impression about the person in their head. They will appreciate if you inform them in case you are not going to show up. Here is what you can do if you have a change of plan at the last moments.

Be clear and honest

Let the escort know the reason for not showing up. It is not unusual for escorts that the clients do not show up. They just want to be sure whether they should wait or are free to book another appointment. Call your escort and tell her the reason why you will not be meeting her. She will appreciate that you informed her rather than completely leaving her hanging.

Be early to inform

Always pick a date around the time where you can be completely free and do not have any other appointments near the booked schedule with the escort. This will let you be free to enjoy your time without having to rush from one place to another. But, even after that if you are not able to make it, try to be as quick to inform her as you can so that she can have enough time to book a meeting with some other client. Informing her a minute before the schedule will be a waste of her time and effort for getting ready.

Try to reschedule

You could book a different date and time if you did not make it this time. You can clear out the problems of not being able to show up for the session and then ask if you can reschedule the date. She will be happy to let you know about a different time. It will also make her feel better that you actually could not meet because of an emergency and your intentions for the meeting were positive.

Avoid asking for a refund

Since you have cancelled the meeting, it will be a total loss for the escort as it is her job. Losing money due to the client’s fault is problematic for any service. If you have paid any money in advance, let her keep it as a token of apology. This will lower the stress of the escort that is caused by you, and she will be able to offer you better options for rescheduling on some other day without a problem.